• To schedule an appointment you must first know which Artist you would like to have your work done by

  • Next look below to see how your Artist would like you to schedule your appointment

  • Each Artist has their own method for appointments to best tailor themselves to you

  • Different Artists may require different deposits or have different forms of contact

  • To help you choose an artist, you can view our artists pages and see their bio and art styles of Tattoo's

  • Appointment forms will direct you to a form you can fill out which gives the artist information about availability and tattoo details, and then will put you in touch with them to finalize your appointment details




denise pinto: DenisepintoAE@gmail.com

SEAN SMITH: ARTmaggit@hotmail.com

JAKE CAVALIERE:tattoojake3@gmail.com

JUSTIN BOYLE: JUSTin_boyle@yahoo.com

MIKE V: volakakis1974@gmail.com